Thirty Something and Counting

I’m not quite sure when and how it happened, one minute I’m 28 years of age and having the time of my life, living it up with my best friend in the city of London and the next I’m well, not. I’m now a mum to a feisty, stubborn, crazy but cute, knows her own mind 3 (threenager) year old, living in a ‘large town,’ my hometown, 38 minutes north of the city, menouvering between work, nursery, life goals, side hustles, me time and finding ultimate
happiness. There was once a time when I thought I had all the time in the world to create and conquer all my dreams and goals but in all fairness I may have had one too many goals to accomplish at any one time. For example, I was an amateur, extremely amateur athlete (chuckling as I type, I was very serious at the time) working my way towards completing a full 26.2 mile marathon having successfully and painfully completed a half… really?!! A budding writer looking for a way to get published via making my way in to the offices of “the stylist” magazine with my bundle of pitches in hand hoping to have a quick convo with the features editor..crrrrringe. I never did hear from her so I’m guessing my pitches never made it to her desk. An accomplished dieter trying to remain slim whilst running a weightloss consultency business from home, at night after my day job, the one that paid the bills, the other paid for numerous blacked out window, “chauffeur driven” mercedes cabs to and from the west end, on a school night to clubs which charged twenty quid for a glass of tacky vino. Cringe again! A fashion lover with a set and costume design degree contemplating being a fashion stylist or an interior designer and finally, finding the perfect man, believe me, the list was endless. Whilst procrastinating, endless opportunities waved me goodbye, I was having way too much fun to notice or even care.

So lets fast forward a few years and here I am, smack, bang in the middle of reality.
Now, I have two lives to manage and a lot less free time to procrastinate, but with all this being said and never one to quit, I continue to work toward my life goals of finding my passion which the mature “thirty something…. and counting” year old me has discovered is sat, smack bang in the middle of whatever makes me happy. So, this is what I’m working on, just this, only this one. For now anyway!


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